Plastisol Transfer

Plastisol is used for transferring images on to textiles and other soft materials, such as folders.  Plastisol inks are printed in reverse onto a special paper, and then transferred onto the substrate by means of heat (about 180 degrees celsius) and pressure. The ink is composed of PVC particles suspended in a plasticising emulsion, and will not dry if left in the screen for extended periods. Because of the convenience of not needing to wash a screen after printing, plastisol inks can be used without a source of running water.
Plastisol inks are recommended for printing opaque graphics onto dark or coloured fabrics, are extremely opaque and can retain a bright image for many years with proper care. The image tends to sit on top of the material instead of soaking into them, giving the print a raised, plasticised texture.

Plastisol Transfer on a bag Plastisol Transfer on hi-vis Shirt

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